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PPKIA03.0 KIA Stinger GT - 2018



Power Results:

Standard: 220 Rear wheel kw at 5500rpm
Unichip: 282.1 Rear wheel kw at 5500rpm.

An amazing 75 rwkw increase at 5200rpm

Torque Results:

With Impressive torque improvements as well, increase in torque of 100nm at 2600rpm!

Standard: 420nm at the wheels.
Unichip: 525nm at the wheels.


Fuel Control: As 99.99% of factory cars come tuned VERY RICH, it makes sense to lean the fuel mixtures back to a safe area that enables the car to make good power without wasting fuel. With the Unichip we can blend the fuel trims only were required to correct the mass production “errors” allowing the engine to run more efficiently and ultimately last longer, the extra power produced is just a bonus!!

Ignition Timing Control: As with fuel control factory cars come with the ignition timing a long way away from ideal. With the Unichip we can optimise the ignition timing across the entire rev range, with Unichip “LIVE” timing and fuel adjustments are possible, this is the only true way of determining the best possible timing and fuel setting at each load site. Ultimately this will give the car more power, more torque and greater fuel economy. If the owner chooses to run premium unleaded fuel we can set the tune to take full advantage of the higher quality fuel.

Throttle Manipulation: Many new cars are “Drive by wire” meaning the throttle is now electronically controlled via the E.C.U. Not driven by a cable any more. With this control manufacturers are now controlling the amount of throttle opening and limiting throttle opening in some cases up to 75%!
Utilizing the power of the Unichip we open your throttle to 100% and also sharpen the response time! Giving you more power and torque and faster acceleration!

Boost Control: Unichip has complete 3D control over boost pressure across the entire operating range of the engine. This allows the Unichip Trained technician to increase the boost pressure as required. This helps in keeping the Air Fuel Ratios within a safe limit.
What sensor’s do we have full control over?
- Both MAP sensors
-Both Lambda Sensors
- The TPS
- The Crank signal
AFR’s what do we modifiy?
Air fuel ratio is modified by direct control of the Lambda sensors.
Ignition timing what do we adjust?
Ignition timing changes are made through the crank signal.
Boost control how is this achieved?
The boost curve is adjusted via RPM, boost curve and adjustments are made through direct control of the MAP sensors only, we do not touch the electronic wastegates.
What will the standard ECU see?
The standard ECU only ever sees standard boost levels due to the voltage clamp in the Unichip.
Optional Platinum Feature:
Map Select : This option enables the 5 map capability of the Unichip Q4. This means you can access the 5 maps which can be tailored to your requirements. EG, High octane Map, low octane map, Standard Map, Immobiliser Map or even a race fuel map. Speak to your Authorised Unichip agent to tailor 5 tunes to suit your application.
MAPSELECT WITCH_edited-1.jpg                 
EXHAUST SYSTEM - LIVE tune with the Unichip.

Power Results:

Massive +84.7rwkw increase!

Standard: 220 Rear wheel kw at 5500rpm
Unichip & Exhaust: 304.7 Rear wheel kw at 5500rpm.

Torque Results:
With Impressive torque improvements as well, increase in torque of 176nm at 3100rpm!

Standard: 420nm at the wheels.
Unichip & Exhaust: 596nm at the wheels.

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The All New Exhaust Coming Soon! 

- Bi-Modal - Stainless Steel - Australian Made - Cat Back 



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