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We have a large range of Unichip kits available and we are constantly working on new products.

If you do not see your vehicle listed below please email as we are likely to have a tuning solution for you. 

With the Power of the Q4 Unichip, throttle booster and water temperature protection are standard features as part of the Plug and Play kit.

With the power of the Unichip and our fully Trained Authorized Unichip agents, we will achieve the best possible outcome for your vehicle. This is done by LIVE tuning on the DYNO, this is what sets the Unichip product apart from its competitors.

Please see below for the latest in Unichip products for your L.D.V.

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MODEL: T60 Late 2017- Present
ENGINE: 2.8 L 
Diesel Tuning Solution

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