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18/08/2015 12:00AM 0 Comment(s)

So it’s become very apparent to us as in the guys here at Unichip HQ, that there is a serious lack of QUALITY aftermarket Turbo Chargers on the market for your turbo diesel.

There seems to be a few very ordinary units, claiming greatness poking around, we get the odd phone call from the DIY home handy men that have fitted a turbo and then we need to have them come in for a retune to sort out all the issues, or some need to come in for to have fitted the Unichip to sort out the tune for them. ( Most common issue is a complete lack of knowledge from the “mail order tune” and some chasing surging from what in most cases has been a “Rich Misfire,” if you have this issue we can help!)

I once got this very interesting fact pointed out to me, that if you were to stand on a busy street corner and count the cars going past there would be 1000’s more standard vehicles’ than highly modified cars.

The perfect application for the Unichip is on standard cars. There is so many on the road, and so many people would like just that little bit more power for towing, or that little bit less turbo lag when they pull out in traffic or just the little bit better fuel economy….. I guess its what makes us human, why settle for standard when you can have more…

Having said this, I believe (and I’m sure most level headed people will agree with me) we all constantly lust after something more, this is what brought us to the conclusion we need to offer our customers a quality Garrett Built Turbo Charger range for Australian delivered Turbo diesels.

This new range is designed for all turbo diesels from the weekend van puller or the daily truck, right through to your highly modified pride and joy, you weekend machine that you what to achieve bottom end torque and realistic top end kilowatts that will blow everyone else out of the water…. (What a commercial, this sounds like a load of bullshit to me and I am typing it….. having said that I should write ads for a living.)

No, the real reason why we created the new range of turbo’s was the lack of quality products on the market. We saw a gap and thought we could apply the skills and knowledge of turbo design and engineering and offer a no bullshit quality product.. We have been working on these turbo chargers testing and setting them up for the past 36 months and are currently stock piling and in the final stages of testing for a product release. (Just the be clear this is not some money hungry grab for cash from our customers, we saw a need for quality products and we will be offering them.)

We have tested a range of turbo combinations for the single turbo V8 Land Cruiser and have chosen to release the simple bolt on version first as this will suit 99% of our Land Cruiser customers. We have a much larger externally waste gated version available soon and are testing a couple of compound versions for the diehard power hungry out there.

We have tested and built turbo’s for all the popular turbo diesel range and we will release each model in order of popularity. I am aware this is not to my usual standard of personalised blog, think of this as a prequel for what’s to come…..

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