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Blog 4: So it’s cold, very, very cold… I but hey, I guess that’s Melbourne…. As we move the cars out of the shop and to the car park we can see our breath in the air.
I joke," ohh man the guys from Queensland are going to bitch about the temperature again…" ( As I said this I think to myself we really should have our training in Summer…)

And by training I mean The Unichip Training for our Unichip Authorized dealers that we have dotted all over this great country of ours.

Now I may come across bragging here (but if you have been reading all my blogs so far you can decipher the fact that I am simply being modest) when I say it’s quite a sight. Having a workshop full of some of the best, and most switched on dyno operators in the country. All these guys and girl making their way down to our factory in Bayswater Victoria.

The tables are set up in a giant U shape this is so everyone can see and interact with each other, something they only get to do once per year. The more people who ask left of centre questions the more ides are thrown around the table so we can discuss everything from simple voltage modifications to future upgrades and ideas to the software.

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Everyone is here with exactly the same mindset, it’s very positive, very insightful, and absolutely no bullshit. All the people in the room are here to learn so they can bring back the best of the Unichip and its abilities to their employees and customers.

The course does get very intense sitting and taking notes to ensure you don’t forget any of the software tips and techniques.

At this point it dawns on me that everyone that is sitting in the room are part of a worldwide dealer network and that’s the way Unichip is set up there its literarily more than 900 Authorized Unichip agents world wide. We all contribute to the vast library of data that is on offer to us the “tuners”.

It’s more a community of equal and like minded people who want the same goal’s, to tune their customers car to the best of their ability to gain the most power, torque and the best fuel economy without compromise. …. At the end of the day (And this is very important to remember) the Unichip is a “blank” canvas and its tune and by tune I mean the way the vehicle drives after its left the workshop is a direct representation of the tuners ability…. Every Authorized Unichip agent knows and understands this, that’s why we are so picky on who represent’s our company. (Very arrogant statement I will not deny that, but it’s the truth because we want all of our end users to be happy… meaning you).

So to get stuck in to what was spoken about and with any meeting/training we take note’s, approx 9 pages (over 3000 words) on everything we touched base on and I was going to copy and paste it but reading back tough all nine pages I imagined it will read as very boring.

But hey it’s a blog on a training day, so this is what we covered in the first 45 minutes:

Introduction and Basic training, page set up and set up functions, expanding into set up functions, explanation of Unichip being able to tune every EFI vehicle and diesel applications. The advantages of being able to keep their Unichip for their next car. Expanding to explain the extra outputs and options available for driving auxiliary fans, nitrous, launch control, Speedo correction, water/meth injection e.t.c. Brief explanation from the pin function card.

So that’s just a quick very brief explanation of what and how we cover on our training days.

We do have a lot of questions asked and some of the most promising ideas begin with R&D right here do often come from either the Q&A session at the end of the day or when people ask the really left of centre questions. “Can the Unichip do this…..?” “ Can the Unichip control that?”… Both of these questions will be answered in a later blog….

I can say with confidence after the training day we have just finished, that this has been the best most well rounded training day to date, it was met with enthusiasm for product knowledge and we received a great level of positive feedback from a very level headed group of tuners… (All egos left at the door and everyone was on an even playing field!)

At the end of the day, Friends were made, names put to face’s and the Unichip Authorised Dealer network became that little bit more solid. You can really rest assured that we do have the best of the best using our product and support it Nationwide.

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