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23 August 2015

So, whats the quality like of the Unichip? !

Blog 3: So, I’m sitting in an OZTENT camping chair, enjoying a nice cold glass of water on a 30-degree day. Blue, very blue sky, I can hear the birds chirping in the background, looking up I... Read More..

18 August 2015

Unichip Turbo's - Coming Soon - !

So it’s become very apparent to us as in the guys here at Unichip HQ, that there is a serious lack of QUALITY aftermarket Turbo Chargers on the market for your turbo diesel.

Ther... Read More..

24 July 2015

The Stories Old and New.. Diesel's and A.F.R's the only way to tune... !

Every generation has that older influence on their lives, be it there father, grandfather, teacher, work colleague, friend of a fri... Read More..
7 July 2015

Unichip Training Day 2015! !

Blog 4: So it’s cold, very, very cold… I but hey, I guess that’s Melbourne…. As we move the cars out of the shop and to the car park we can see our breath in the air. Read More..