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22 August 2015

So, whats the quality like of the Unichip? !

Blog 3: So, I’m sitting in an OZTENT camping chair, enjoying a nice cold glass of water on a 30-degree day. Blue, very blue sky, I can hear the birds chirping in the background, looking up I... Read More..

17 August 2015

Unichip Turbo's - Coming Soon - !

So it’s become very apparent to us as in the guys here at Unichip HQ, that there is a serious lack of QUALITY aftermarket Turbo Chargers on the market for your turbo diesel.

Ther... Read More..

6 July 2015

Unichip Training Day 2015! !

Blog 4: So it’s cold, very, very cold… I but hey, I guess that’s Melbourne…. As we move the cars out of the shop and to the car park we can see our breath in the air. Read More..